Pambady Rajan

He is the No.1 among the nadan elephants(born and brought up in Kerala/Mysore forests). Considered as the most ideal tusker from Kerala. Height 10ft. Beautiful tusks, projected forehead and fleshy trunk that touches the ground make him more special.

 He was caught at Kodand and then only 3 years old.  Owned by Kottayam Pambadi Mudankallungal M.A. Thomas.  Considered as the most auspicious elephant of Kerala.  He is a leading elephant in all the processions of northern Kerala and may the most popular one.  He had given Gajendra pattam on 2005 December 27 by Chalakkudy Koratty Chettarikkal Temple Committee. The elephant who takes for the large number of processions in Kerala.  He has a height of 301cm.

He got the prestigious award Gajaratnam from Ithithanam Elankavu Devi temple, near Changanacherry  as part of the Gajamela conducted during the Pathamudayam festival(04-25-2007).